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Add Study. Adds a study to the active pane.

Replace Study. Replaces all studies in the active pane.

Add Study to New Split. Adds a study to a new split.

Add Study to New Layer. Adds a study to a new layer.

Refresh. Refreshes the current view or filter.

Edit filter. Displays a dialog so that you can define a filter--a search criterion--to available quote codes. This feature is designed to help users find Bloomberg codes. For more information on applying a filter, see Filter Dialog.

Filter (toggle). This toggle is on if a filter is active. To de-activate the filter, click this button. To apply a different filter, click the Edit Filter icon.

View options. This icon enables you to change the content of the list view. There are two options:






Displays only quote codes.


Displays quote codes along with a description and other data fields.


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