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See for yourself why so many Forex traders prefer Aspen Graphics, the smart choice for timely and reliable data, flexible charting parameters and an extensive selection of customizable alarms that prove indispensable for monitoring currencies in multiple markets and time zones. Click for a Free Trial

Most Forex traders prefer Aspen's japanese candlestick charts; however, the ability to display your data the way you want to see it is one of Aspen Graphics strongest points. Aspen Graphics is the premier Forex charting software because it allows users to see any cross rate or cash future symbol, in any timeframe, with any study in a clean easy to read chart. Aspen Graphics comes with a comprehensive portfolio of the most popular chart types. Learn More
  • Bar, Japanese Candlestick, Point & Figure, and more<\/li>
  • All time bases, from 0-Minute to Yearly<\/li>
  • Equi-tick bars<\/li>
  • Continuations<\/li>
  • Seasonal Analysis<\/li>
  • Layers<\/li>
  • Textual annotation<\/li>


Japanese Candlestick Chart