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In an effort to make market analysis as simple as possible, Aspen Graphics gives you the ability to define keystrokes in Aspen. Some keys, like F10 and ~ are not changeable, but all keystrokes that can be changed you will find in the Main Shortcut Keys window. To display the Main Shortcut Keys window, click on the Tools menu and choose Shortcut Keys...



Many of the changeable keystrokes available in Aspen Graphics come pre-defined, but there's nothing to prohibit you from changing them. Some of the more frequently used keystrokes are summarized in the tables below.


Keystroke actions can be simple our complex. For example, you can define a keystroke to display a new chart, or you can make it display a chart, enter an instrument, split the chart, and display an RSI.  is no mere You can create such compound actions by separating commands and symbols with semi-colons, which stand for the Enter key. For example,




Associated with a keystroke, this shortcut will display a page called cht_1, enter the stock symbol for Comcast Corporation, turn bars into candlesticks, split the chart, and display an RSI in the new split. In this way, Shortcut Keys make your trading day easier.


Display the Main Menu

Shift + ~

Display the menu for the active window


Display the List of Pages

Ctrl + L

Display the Window Selection Menu

.WIN then Enter

Display the Formula Listing

Ctrl + J

Display the Alarm menu

Ctrl + A


Clear a Menu off the screen


Clear a Window off the screen

Ctrl + D

Clear the Status Window off the screen (the little window in the lower right corner of the screen)

Ctrl + E

Clear the cursor & the cursor window off a chart


Clear everything off the screen



Save as a Page

Ctrl + v

Save as a Window

Ctrl + u


Bring up a half-screen chart

.DC then Enter

Bring up a full-screen chart

cht_1 then Enter

Change to Candlesticks

.CANDLE then Enter

Change back to Bar Chart (also removes overlays)

.BAR then Enter

Change to Point & Figure

.P&F then Enter

Change to a tick chart

0 then Enter

Clear the cursor & cursor window off a chart


Change to daily time base

Ctrl + Y

Enter trend Mode

Ctrl + F9


Clear data in a Quote Page

,, then Enter


Print the active window

.PRINT then Enter


Display the last command


Repeat the last command

F12 then Enter


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