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New to Aspen Graphics 4.2 is the Symbol List, a list of the last 100 instruments you have viewed.


To display the Symbol List, click in the Main Toolbar.


Every time you enter a symbol in an Aspen Graphics window, the symbol also goes into the symbol list.


While the Symbol List is displayed in alphabetical order, the list is actually kept in a most-recently-used order. When you use a symbol, it moves to the top of the list. When the list reaches one hundred symbols in length, any new symbol you enter causes the least-used symbol to fall off the list.


There are two ways to get a symbol from the list into an Aspen Graphics window: double-click, or drag-and-drop. Double-clicking a symbol cause the symbol to be entered into the active window. To drag-and-drop, simply grab the symbol you want and drop it into a target.


If a target will not accept a symbol, the drag cursor changes to .


Note also that the location of the Symbol List remembers where you last put it.




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